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Raúl Aragón, born in 1972, in Argentina, currently living in Switzerland. Is a photographer since he was a teenager, has more than 25 years of experience in the filmmaking and photography industry, acting as Director of Photography for dozens of fiction series and advertising for major brands.
Producer for three fiction series and two feature films, the last one selected at the CANNES FILM FESTIVAL.
Currently developing in the field of Fine Art Photography.

«Raúl Aragón's photographic work brings us closer to the characters he portrays in a deeply aesthetic way. His look brings us to the daily life traversed by art and in this way invites us to a higher level of reflection.
His elaborate portraits are impressive in making us transcend the scars of human experiences through beauty. 
Vanessa Ragone, OSCAR AWARD WINNER for the best foreign film.
(The Secret in their Eyes)

«The photographic world of Raúl Aragón refers us to his interiority and his connection with images originating in reality, but elevated by his sensitivity to the level of dreams.
The fine line that separates the real from the poetic is expressed in these hypnotic images.» 

Eugenio Zanetti. Film, theater director and plastic artist OSCAR ACADEMY AWARD WINNER for “Best Production Design” (Restoration)

«The work of Raúl Aragón, contains a question about the solidification of our identity. It explores eroticism from the place of sensations and analyzes the affirmations of life, which generate awareness of the complexity of who we are through the power of their gaze. »
Alfredo Ginocchio. Director of Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery CDMX and Los Cabos 

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